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Private Coaching for Mini, Intermediate & Advanced


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Introducing Mini, Intermediate, & Advanced Private Coaching

Advanced (12) 45 min private sessions – $9,000

Intermediate (6) 45 min private sessions – $4,500

Mini (3) 45 min private sessions – $2,250 

I only work with a small amount of one to one clients because I am all in on YOU getting your BEST results and HEALING. This private 1:1 coaching is incredibly personalized just to you.

You can stop messaging your friends and family asking them for advice and worrying if they are bored with you, because you’ll be able to message me instead through our private email. 

No more wondering how to feel better and heal. 

Not only will I teach you how to heal your nervous system, but I’ll be helping you see your past experiences and struggles through a whole new lens. 

I know what it’s like to have hired coaches, therapists, hypnotherapists, and only feel better for a short time. 

I’d love to show you how to heal your body on a nervous system level so that you can time stamp the past in the past and learn to live again or even for the first time freely. 

If you want to do this to take control of your life and healing journey, I hope you’ll invest in yourself and join me in this tailored to you program. 

You and me, working one on one together in private coaching, for the healing you’ve never been able to access before. 


I’m ready to help you change your life.


Let’s get started together, and I’ll show you exactly how to live your life with peace and freedom from anything that has been holding you down.


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