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Hey there! I’m Emily Gibson.

I’m a Master Certified Trauma Informed ICP CPD accredited coach. After building my career in network marketing, I found myself at a crossroads that left me feeling lost and confused. As a survivor of narcissistic abuse, I decided to turn my pain into your relief, and also pour back into the industry of network marketing that I love so much. I live in Utah with my husband Sean, four kids Brennan, Makenzie, Chase, and Dean, and one fur baby King Charles Cavalier Cosette. It’s possible that I now have more pics on my phone of my dog than my kids! I remember what it feels like to be confident and conquering the world one minute, and everything feeling like it was going backwards and falling apart the next. Network marketing can have some sticky situations to navigate through sometimes, even if it’s just questioning all of your life’s choices and wondering if you are ever going to make it to your next rank. With me in your pocket, you’ll never be without a side of humor and perspective to find your way through it all and manage your mind beyond the rank. 

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Laura K.

"Your coaching program is necessary and I will never...."
Your coaching program is necessary and I will never stop!! It's amazing and changing me personally in ways I had no idea I needed.

Alison L.

"Thank you for all that you're doing for all of us....."
Thank you for all that you're doing for all of us. Your coaching every aspect of our lives. You are incredible! And giving so much of your time and your energy plus your passion. Thank you!

Teresa M.

"I have had so much trauma in my life + I've never dealt...."
I have had so much trauma in my life + I've never dealt with it. I am so thankful for you. I can now start doing exercises to strengthen and tone my ventral vegus nerve. I am so ready to do the work.