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Why You Are Risking Motherhood For Success

Emily Gibson

Anytime you are learning how to balance business and motherhood the very first time its going to be a struggle. At any time you may feel like you are battling between choosing motherhood or your business.

Anytime you have this belief it is often marketed, especially in network marketing that you are making a short term sacrifice for a long term gain or success. This is your most dangerous thought by the way. What it insinuates is that you will only have to work a short period of time and then never work again. And that is so not true about any successful business.

When you make network marketing your ride or die, your choice over all things, business over family, white knuckling to ‘just get through it’ and then you burn out on the way.

The Myth Busted: Forget the notion that you have to make a “short-term” sacrifice for long-term success. That idea’s about as outdated as a floppy disk. Real success – especially in business – is all about consistency, adaptability, and embracing life’s surprises.

It can be so much more fun than that and I can show you how!! Balancing motherhood and business isn’t about short-term struggles or choosing one over the other. Let’s make this journey an adventure rather than a fight through ordeal. After all, we’re here to enjoy the ride, not just get to the next place. Here’s to the dance of motherhood and business!


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