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This Will Save Your Sales Calls

Emily Gibson

Any time you are helping people overcome objections in sales, if you ever start to feel really graspy and defensive.. STOP.

Just stop right there.

Take a walk.

Take a deep breath.


Because energetically humans are experts at reading other humans. If you are coming across as desperate they will feel that even over the phone.

And that is not attractive to anyone, right?

Instead, we want to come across like we are just sitting here without expectations. We are here to ask questions. Truly, we want to keep them talking as much as possible so we can walk them through their thoughts.

The less you talk, the more you can hear their thoughts, the more you can ask the questions, the more you can change what they believe and show them they are going to overcome their own objections just by talking to you. They will, on their own, realize all of their excuses are lame.

This technique will SAVE your sales calls.


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