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Teacher’s Salary.

As a school teacher, my pay raises were dependent on tax payers and them voting a raise for us 😳…no matter how hard I worked or how well my students did.

There just never seems to be enough money leftover for a pay raise for the teachers! I’m praying that this year we can change that ♥️ for them.

Before that, when I was in corporate America through college, it was .50 cents once a year as I worked my way up the ladder. Sometimes we’d also get a Christmas 🎄 Turkey 🦃.

All of these things have helped us appreciate what we have now on an entirely new level, and for that I’m so grateful.

All of those years BUSTING it, struggling, and just barely getting by.

I’ll never forget them. They are what make this job taste so sweet.

With all of the heartache and evil in the world, today was one that reminded me of how much good there is…even when bad things are happening all around us.

Because of my career, I get to spoil women because they have been creating value in so many people around them. I get to take my husband on amazing trips. I get to travel to places to speak on stage and coach those around me. I get to be HERE with you, working hours I want to work, where I want to work them. I am so grateful, I would love to help you get here too.


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