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E V O L V E.  We are not meant to stay the same.  Our relationships are not meant to stay the same.  It is our purpose to GROW.  When you feel yourself holding back, trying to stay the same, question yourself WHY? What’s in it for you to remain the same? If comfort and safety are the answer, CHECK YO’SELF.  Because comfort and safety are never the goal of evolution and progress.  They prevent it.  And there’s so much more for you in the pursuit of evolving through it all.

Our brains are always looking for problems, so they can prevent them.   So when a leader quits, or a person ghosts you, your brain will automatically go to “this is a problem.”  But it’s not even a problem.   It was always meant to happen exactly the way it’s happening.   You weren’t supposed to recruit her in.   She wasn’t ever going to take you to the top of your company.   You were never supposed to be on the special board your company has for really great leaders.   NOT having it work out was a grand finale of sorts for you.   It’s a new beginning.   It’s a way for you to get to something even bigger than you could have ever imagined.   It’s clearing the space and the room for what wasn’t available before when you were focusing on the thing that you think is going wrong.   This is just “everything going wrong,” so everything can go right.   It’s a fun little project you’re about to do.

Remember, its time to evolve. Our brains will grow, we can grow with them.

There are far better things ahead than any you leave behind ♥️.


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