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Be the Target of Network Marketing

Emily Gibson

When you focus on the facts, you start talking to the logical side of peoples brains and that is the side of their brain that’s going to say, “I better think about it.”

Notice Disneyland, Target, and Amazon never feels badly when people put their products on their credit cards. But you might feel badly about that because you are confused about what you’re actually offering people.

Disneyland is not confused about what it’s offering people. It is offering people the happiest place on earth, memories to last a lifetime. Target is offering people the ability to completely redo their home on a budget, to shop for all of their bathroom necessities, your babies diapers, tissues for back to school. Everything is there. And Amazon is selling for instant gratification.

How familiar are you with what you are selling? It’s time to get to know your product or service like your favorite song lyrics or your go-to dance moves! Remember, Disneyland didn’t become the happiest place on earth overnight, and Target’s budget-friendly home makeover selections didn’t magically appear in their stores. These big players got to where they are by having a clear understanding of what they offer. It’s like a dance – once you know the steps, you can effortlessly groove through the marketplace.

It’s not just about the features or the price; it’s about the emotions it evokes and the problems it solves.


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