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Be Hungry.

I had a DAY. Literally every thing I planned, went awry. Not a single thing worked out. I missed an event that I planned, and was supposed to host because of the first thing going 3 hours over!!! I had to reschedule clients, move calls, and missed all my family time. When it rains it POURS.

My Dean is failing 1st grade, below grade level after 6 years over therapy and all modalities money can buy.

I’ve flown in a videographer to film outside for 10 hours tomorrow and what’s expected??? RAIN.

Cosette has an ear infection. My house is a mess. There is barf on my carpet, not sure who that’s from. This is real life and where my brain goes sometimes. Any other humans out there?

This is the stuff we don’t share enough of but this is the stuff that dreams are made of. I will keep going. I will go to bed early, I will do my foam tan, I will read a good book, I will drink a pelligrino, and it will all work itself out because I AM HUNGRY and because it ALWAYS works out!!

Here’s the truth: No one will EVER be hungrier for your success than YOU. Stop believing things like “I’m carrying 1,000 pounds on my shoulders,” and “Everything falls on me.”

Of course it DOES!!! 

Telling yourself that is just suppressing your hunger for your own success!! Falling into your thoughts on the hard days is just going to rain on your own parade and RUIN your appetite. That’s not the kind of appetite suppressant you want! Get HUNGRY my friends. Even on the hard days remember you are HUNGRY for this. Wet the pallet. Turn up the growling of the tummy. GO FREAKING GET IT.


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