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Summer Sales Formula

Summer CAN be the BEST time to grow your business

Join Us For 3 Days Of Network Marketing Mastery To Convert The RIGHT Leads Into Customers And Business Builders This summer!

June 11th-13th
IGNITE WEEK: Secrets Of Sales Only $24

Supercharge Your Sales with Social Media

When you have the RIGHT formula, you will get people to say "YES" to you. This means not just signing up anyone with a heartbeat. I'll show you how to get the RIGHT people to start saying "YES," so you can break free for just $19.

It's costing you SO MUCH MONEY to sign up anyone with a heartbeat, and it's wasting your most valuable resource...TIME.

Everyone keeps telling you “It’s just a numbers game, keep going,” but if you’re doing the wrong thing over and over again (without my sales formula), you’ll go CRAZY this summer doing a lot of busy work, feeling annoyed at your family and bank account wondering why you started this at all.

If you’re looking for more money 💰 for things like groceries, travel, experiences for your family, and the luxury of not having to worry about always needing more, come and discover HOW to get your network marketing business to FINALLY WORK for you the way you’ve seen it work for others…

Join me for 3 days starting June 11th-13th to find out how to IGNITE 🔥 YOUR BIZ and finally shift you from frustration and defeat into achievement and success.

Day 1️⃣ : Lead Generation Mastery (Learn how to get people to chase YOU down)

Day 2️⃣ : Attract High Quality Leads On Social (Getting the “RIGHT” People to say YES)

Day 3️⃣ : Closing Formulas & Scripts (Psychology of Sales MEGA LIST to overcome objections and seal the deal)

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If your business feels hard right now, you’re not alone.

Let’s get YOU into the success seat THIS SUMMER TOGETHER.

Early bird🐦 pricing for $19 when you register by May 31st ($24 after that). Give yourself 3 days and 90 minutes of your time with me, and I’ll show you how to finally have time with your family this summer AND get your business to produce.

This is perfect for you if you:

❌ believe you have to ignore your family this summer to get your biz to grow

❌ think you have to spend all day and night on social to get new leads 

❌ believe you have to give up all of your free time to make it in network marketing 

Don’t worry if you can’t come live. Register anyway, and I’ll send you the recording each day. You’ll have the same transformative experience either way. See you there!


I am on a mission to bring back what REALLY works in network marketing so you can finally win too.

Emily Gibson

Emily Gibson

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