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Secrets of Sales Success Week Workshop June 11, 12, & 13

I’m here to tell you that everybody who makes a ton of money in network marketing is CRUSHING it at sales, and the reason you’re not winning is because you need to SKILL UP in your sales ability.

PAY ATTENTION…I’m going to teach you what it actually takes to be a successful network marketer.

If you want to be on your company trips, earning paychecks with 2 and 3 commas in them, and getting onto yachts like this, you’ve got to get good at sales. You get onto a yacht by selling, not sharing.

Selling isn’t hard though. You’ve been doing it all wrong, and it’s not your fault. I’m going to teach you my simple psychology of sales formula in my 3 day Secrets Of Sales Success Week.

If you’re looking for more money 💰for things like travel, experiences for your family, peace, and the luxury of not having to worry about always needing more, come and figure out HOW to get your network marketing business to FINALLY WORK for you the way you’ve seen it work for others…

Join me for 3 days starting June 11th-13th to find out how to SELL THE RIGHT WAY 🔥 to finally have the life of leisure and fun with my systems and how to sell👇🏻

Day 1

Lead Generation UNLOCKED:

Unlock YOUR Potential: Discover the Secrets to Generating Leads That Convert! I’m diving ALL IN with you to master the art of attracting quality connections. Let’s turn those possibilities into realities together! 

Day 2

Social Media Selling for High Quality Leads

Transform Your Social Media into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse! Join me as we explore strategies to connect, engage, and sell. It’s time to leverage your online presence for genuine impact. I’m here to guide you every step of the way!

Day 3

How to Close Objections Scripts & Follow Up

Master the Art of the Close: Conquer Objections and Follow-Up Like a Pro! Let’s tackle those tough conversations with confidence. Together, we’ll learn scripts that close deals and follow-ups that foster lasting relationships. Bet on yourself, because I’m betting on YOU!

My clients get to have the life YOU WANT because of my sales systems, and that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you on this 3 day intensive.

It’s your turn next, if you’re ready to have it ALL in network marketing.

Let’s get YOU into the sales success seat before 2024 has passed you by.

Early bird 🐦 pricing for $19 when you register by May 31st ($24 after that). Give yourself 3 days and 90 minutes of your time with me, and I’ll show you how to finally shift into the network marketing success seat you were meant for.

This is NOT for you if you think:

❌ network marketing takes long drawn out, complicated, relationship building methods and friending and annoying strangers and family on social

❌ you believe things like “I just share, I don’t sell” (I used to say this by the way until I learned better!)

❌ you think network marketing is “so not sales”

Don’t worry if you can’t come live. Register anyway, and I’ll send you the recording each day. You’ll have the same transformative experience either way. See you there!